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Karakoram Smart Splitboard Skins -2022

Karakoram Smart Splitboard Skins -2022

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Lighter: Kohla Austrian construction makes the lightest most durable plush.

Waterproof:  Sealed with Kohla’s Patented PFC-free Vulcanized Rubber.  Prevents water absorption.  Keeps skins sticking to ski base in Spring conditions.

Perfect Grip & Glide: Mohair/Nylon blend gives the best grip and glide.

Easy Peel: Kohla Smart Glue Technology allows for optimal adhesion while being easy to separate.

Universal Tail Clip: Fits to multiple splitboard tail configurations.

Wire Rope Tip Clip: Easy install and /removal from tip of board.

  • Weight: 250 g (medium)
  • Wire Rope Tip Clip fits all splitboard tip configurations
  • Universal Tail Clip fits most splitboard tail configurations
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