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Karakoram Prime Straightline Splitboard Bindings + Split Interface Bindings - 2022

Karakoram Prime Straightline Splitboard Bindings + Split Interface Bindings - 2022

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Karakoram has the Alpine series and the Connect series. The 'Alpines' are truly meant for touring in the backcountry and fully equipped to do so. Karakoram enables you to ride splits and solids with a single binding. Karakoram's motto says it all: 'Buy more boards, not more bindings'. The 'Alpine' bindings are light, easy to use and very responsive. Compared to the Connect series, they offer less comfort and are less suitable for the resort. The name says it all: the 2022 Karakoram Straightline is made to leave a mark. Awesome speed with unprecedented responsiveness. The stiffest variant of all Karakoram bindings. The unique 3D-shaped baseplate extends below the foot. The handmade Carbon Highback provides unparalleled flex. Together with the upgraded 2.0 interface, this makes the Karakoram X-Carbon the final result of a unique combination of epic constructions and techniques.

Performance: The Karakoram Straightline is for going fast with loads of response. The chassis consists of 6061 Alloy Aluminium for better control on uneven terrain. The baseplate is made from a combination of High Strength Alloy Aluminium and Stainless Steel, so the binding is not the lightest in the line. With two high sidewalls you will get maxiumum power transfer and grip while side-hilling. All Karakoram bindings nowadays have an Open Chassis, which means that all non-functional material has been milled away. Not only does this save weight, but it also provides a more natural flex under the binding. The Carbon highback is handmade out of a 100% carbon fiber. Because of this the highback is stronger and lighter than any other splitboard highback.

  • Open Chasis
  • Two Time stronger Heelcup
  • High Sidewalls
  • Carbon Highback

Comfort: The Straightline is equipped with the AirForm Ankle- and Toestrap conforms to your boot with independent compression pods, eliminating pressure points and allowing for pinch point free flex. Keep your feet happy and boots snug in your bindings while touring and riding. Made from Dupont Hytrel, the AirForm straps when paired will shave weight and save your feet.

Air-Form Ankle + Toe straps

The Karakoram interface operates by using the signature lever at the heelcup that allows the binding to be released from the interface. The Dual Ride-Stride Forward Lean Adjuster on the highback is designed to be easily rotated 90° and 180°. This gives you a Forward Lean of -8° during touring and the possibility of 0° to 22° during boarding. All Karakoram Connect bindings available at Snowcountry are supplied with the Prime Connect 2.0 Interface. This binding from the 'Alpine' series includes a Dual-Speed Riser and Heel Lock. The Heel-lock makes it possible to ski down on touring parts going down. 

  • Power-Link
  • Dual Ride-Stride
  • Dual-Speed Riser with Heel Lock
  • Ride Mode 2.0
  • Weight: 775 gr. 



Pre-loaded binding to board connections give instant response. The most responsive connection for snowboards and splitboards.




  • Quick 1/4 turn from ride mode to walk mode
  • Ride Mode: 0° to 22°, in 2° increments
  • Surf Mode: 0° or 11°
  • Walk Mode: -8° allows for longer stride

Click for more info on Ride-Stride


Carbon Highback


  • Stiff Flex (10 of 10)
  • Biaxial weave carbon fiber and multi-layer layup give optimal combination of stiffness and comfort
  • Dual Ride-Stride Forward Lean adjustment for Splitboarding
  • Flex Lock compatible for Splitboarding

Open Chasis:

Natural Board Flex: Open chassis allows board to twist naturally under binding

Straightline X-Type Heelcup

Nomad X-Type Heelcup

2X Stronger:

  • 2x stronger than standard Aluminum
  • CNC core outs maximize strength-to-weight ratio
  • High sidewall supports boot for better power transfer and grip while side hilling
  • Flared sidewall cups boot for better fit

Airform Straps:

Air-Form Straps

No pressure points: 

Independent Pressure Pods articulate to boot eliminating pressure points and pinch points. 

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