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GNU Airblaster Super Progressive Air Machine Snowboard Womens 2018

Like the Liger, Labradoodle, and Zonkey, the Super Progressive Air Machine is a hybrid beast borne of the cross pollination of two wild things, Airblaster x Gnu. Imagine a Pterodactyl mating with a Wildebeest. Imagine it. There, now you can understand the feeling that you’ll get every time you step onto the Super Progressive Air Machine. Like every good Gnu, it comes equipped with unreal pop, a powerful build, and the natural ability to frolic playfully or thoroughly smash unruly terrain. And like every good pterodactyl, its unique shape lends it effortless ability to float as well as airborne agility unmatched in its class. If you like effortlessly floating through powder, smashing unruly terrain, and blasting into the air, this hybrid beast is for you. INSPIRED BY ALL THINGS RADICAL, FREE AND BLASTING AND SOME STUFF THAT GOT DONE IN THE 80S RIPS THE ENTIRE MOUNTAIN, CARVES CIRCLES AND FLOATS FLUFF AND INDUCES ENLIGHTENMENT Art by AIRBLASTER X GNU

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