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Bent Metal Stylist Snowboard Bindings - Lt. Blue Women's 2022

Bent Metal Stylist Snowboard Bindings - Lt. Blue Women's 2022

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The 2022 Bent Metal Stylist Women's snowboard binding is a versatile peak performance binding with lightweight components and a flare for the future. A Magnesium Fiber Driveplate, an EVA suspension layer, a solid nylon highback and a flexible Mobility Ankle Strap all pair together for reliable all mountain performance. Discover your unique style and embrace your strengths with the Stylist!

WHITE - RAINBOW: The rainbow is a symbol of possibility and new beginnings. The Stylist featuring a vibrant rainbow inspires connectivity to nature and acceptance. It also inspires you to find the gold at the end of it all and embrace the diversity on snow and off.

MAUVE - HANNAH EDDY: Hannah Eddy art graces this eco sublimated Drive Plate with a misty mauve mountain-scape. Like Hannah, the stylist is in constant pursuit of adventure and fulfillment. Surf the Earth with this Stylist!

  • EVA Footbed
  • Eco Sublimated Top-Sheet
  • Boron Fiber
  • Poly Core
  • Co-Ex Bottom Sheet
  • Fiber Reinforced Nylon Cage
  • Magnesium Fiber Drive Plate
  • Nylon Highback
  • Flex: 6/10


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