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BCA Tracker S Avalanche Transceiver - 2023

BCA Tracker S Avalanche Transceiver - 2023

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The 2023 BCA Tracker S™ Avalanche Transceiver has the performance, ease of use and instantaneous real-time display of the Tracker3, without the Tracker3 motion-sensing or upgradeable software, which are advanced features needed by snow professionals while in an avalanche area. This Backcountry Access beacon is used to find people while in an avalanche and prevent death or injury by locating the transceiver.



  • Simple on/off switch on top is easy to use with gloves on.
  • Switch lock prevents the transceiver from accidentally switching off.
  • When on, defaults and auto-reverts to transmit mode.
  • Switch between transmit and search with a single finger.
  • Search automatically hones in on the closest and strongest signal.
  • Blue button lets you manage multiple signals with Signal Supression and Big Picture Mode.
  • Signal Suppression feature blocks the strongest signal for 1 minute, so you can address multiple signals.
  • Big Picture Mode displays all transmitting signals in your search area with approximate distances.
  • Max range: 55 meters.
  • Search strip: 50 meters.
  • Battery transmits for approximately 250 hours, or searches for 50.
  • Carrying harness is included.
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